Dear Mr. Henshaw

Lunch Box Alarm


            Each student is to create a device that would prohibit other students from stealing their lunch.  This could be an alarm system of some type or even a booby-trap.  You may use whatever materials necessary (within the limits of school policy).  The device may be for a lunch box or lunch sack.  You will be graded on your original idea, creativity and whether the device actually works.  You are also required to write out how you went about designing and assembling your project.  You may complete the write-up on the paper provided or you may type.  Make sure you check your work carefully.  I will count off for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar.  Please be prepared to present your project to the class on November 13, 2009.

No Late Work Will Be Accepted! 



Grading Rubric


Project Write Up                                                                   30                    ______


Original Idea                                                                             15                    ______


Creativity                                                                                  20                    ______


Works                                                                                      15                    ______


Presentation                                                                              20                    ______


Total                                                                                     100                  ______







DUE NOVEMBER 13, 2009